From now on, a bigger penalty can be played in PUBG games

The world of addictive pervasive game of pandemic has just been a few days back. Originally, among the young and young people, this ‘Players Anon Battal Ground’ has stirred up, in short, ‘PUBG’ or Pazzy Games. But its users are so overwhelmed that these games call it deadly accidents.



A few days ago, PUBG love wasted a user in water and mistakenly consumed acids. One person, who is not able to play a pawn on his head, gave a divorce to the pregnant wife by raising the allegation. A teenage suicide suicide suspect in Mumbai came to know about the purchase of expensive phones for playing puja. For the sake of all this, the claim was banned for a long time to ban this game. Finally, several steps have been taken in the country.



Recently, the Rajkot police issued a statement saying it has been banned in this game. After this, action has been taken against the police on behalf of several other cities of the country, news agency PTI reported. This game’s addiction to children and adolescents has been complaining for a long time since it was severely harmful. Earlier, playing a game of puggy games, the mentality of children and adolescents changed.



PUPG games are not only those who play, but if you are encouraged to play some crazy games, then the person will also be considered equally guilty. Section 188 of Indian Penal Code has the provision of punishment for such incidents, police said. Earlier, action was also taken against Momo Challenge Games in accordance with this section.